Watch Ken Block Slide All Over an Industrial Complex in Gymkhana 9

Tire smoke, tire smoke, and uh, more tire smoke.

Put that Pumpkin Spice Latte down. It’s that time of the year again: the new Gymkhana video by Ken Block and Hoonigan has arrived.

In the last Gymkhana video, Gymkhana Eight, we saw global rally star, sneaker marketing whiz, and serial tire killer extraordinaire Ken Block slide around Dubai in his 650-horsepower Ford Fiesta RX43 rally car. There was a 747 jet, Dubai’s fleet of supercar police vehicles made a cameo, and to top all of that off, there was a Ford Raptor on two wheels. In the ninth Gymkhana, shared to YouTube Tuesday morning, Block takes his new global rallycross car on a scenic tour of the industrial areas of Buffalo, New York. It’s pretty much your average city tour, but instead of a tour bus, there is a race car, and instead of the slightly-livable ride that might come from that tour bus, there is a much less comfortable ride in a race car. There are slides, jumps, donuts, and all the vomit-inducing greatness has come to be expected from a new Gymkhana video.

Cut together in a seven minute clip, Block takes his 600-horsepower, striped-liveried Focus RS RX race car through what looks to be a standard array of industrial buildings in a seemingly near-abandoned commercial area in Buffalo, New York. In fact, putting all the slidey stuff aside, this video could probably double as a short film covering the afterlife of once-booming and industrious American cities that once were.

But it isn’t that. This is a video about a young man who has a passion for burning rubber and who also happens to have an incredibly capable tool to do that with.

Also, there is a 2017 Ford Raptor that dangles from a helicopter.

Check it out: