New Volvo XC60 Teased Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Volvo's middleweight SUV looks set to join the XC90 in the fashionable part of the soft-roader district.

The next phase of Volvo’s quest to reestablish itself on the front lines of the luxury car wars officially kicks off next week—and it could potentially be the most important battle yet. On March 7th, at the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo will unveil the new XC60 crossover.

The Swedish carmaker dropped a public teaser for the car on its Facebook page last Friday, revealing just enough of the front end to stir up excitement. 

Unsurprisingly, the new Volvo XC60 inherits an interpretation of the “Thor’s Hammer” headlights also seen on the XC90, S90, and V90. Detailed analysis (i.e. we squinted at it for a while) suggests that the XC60’s front end largely resembles a scaled-down version of its larger sibling; considering how elegant the XC90 looks, we wouldn’t be shocked if Volvo’s new midsized SUV resembled a shrunken version of the bigger crossover from most angles. 

Given Volvo’s current propensity for using four-cylinder engines in everything, we at The Drive expect the new XC60 to come packing a choice of turbocharged and twin-charged 2.0-liter inline-fours, just as other recent additions to the Volvo family do. The XC90/S90/V90’s T8 trim that combines a twin-charged four with hybrid gear for a maximum output north of 400 horsepower seems like a little much for a midsized SUV, however, so we bet Volvo will whip up a lesser gas/electric powertrain for XC60 use. But we’ll find out more in a little over a week.