Tesla Owners Love to Shame Gas Car Drivers Who Park in Supercharger Spots

Don't let yourself get “ice'd.”

Having access to Tesla’s Supercharger stations is one of the most coolest parts of being a Tesla owner. Do gasoline-powered car drivers care? Not really.

Imagine rolling up to the only gas station for 100 miles and finding cars parked at each pump with no drivers in sight. Piss you off? Now you know how Tesla owners feel when they find a gas-powered car parked in one of their Supercharger stalls.

There are currently 4,359 Superchargers open for free use around the world. The chargers allow Tesla drivers to boost their car’s batteries while on longer drives. When the Supercharger parking areas are filled with gas cars—whether out of ignorance and malice—it can ruin a Tesla owner’s day.

It’s so common an occurrence, Tesla owners call it getting “ice’d.” Get it? ICE? Internal combustion engine?

In some states, blocking electric car chargers is punishable by law, but it’s rarely enforced.

If you’re familiar with the Tesla community, or are active on the Tesla Motors Club forum, on the /r/TeslaMotors subreddit, or on one of the many Facebook Tesla fan groups, you’ve likely seen this multiple times already. If not, let us embrace you.

It is common practice for Tesla owners to take to the internet, or more specifically to one or more of those communities listed above, to shame a gas car driver who has parked in a Supercharger spot. There’s usually a picture, sometimes a quirky caption, and a title that says something like “ICE’d again!”

And for some reason, this trend does not seem like it will be coming to an end any time soon.

These are some of our favorite “icing” posts.


Oh, and some more.