Tesla Update Allows Drivers to View Supercharger Availability Through Nav System

Now you don't have to guess if there's room at the inn, erg, supercharger.

It’s undeniable that Tesla does things differently than every other manufacturer. Their affection for the lime light consistently keeps them at front and center for the media, attracting attention with their latest release. Their Gigafactory is a $5 billion baby that plays hosts to loads of robotic assistants which build cars that drive themselves, so they like to make their uniqueness known. Although we love the flash, they’ve also been exceptional at creating convenient features for their customers. 

Their Supercharger Network is a suitable example of that, allowing for Tesla drivers to charge their Model S or X quickly so they can get back on the road. It’s a nice luxury to have, but sometimes, every charging port is occupied, causing a longer than anticipated wait. Tesla hopes to fix that issue with their latest update, allowing owners to view Supercharger availability from their in-car maps.


This feature is simple yet effective. As the popularity of electric cars increases, the more you have to worry about finding an open spot to charge. Since it isn’t a quick in-and-out system like stopping for fuel, it can put quite the kink in your agenda when every slot is full. The update allows users to view Supercharger location from their navigation system while illustrating the number of available Superchargers, helping to cut your time down in hopes of making your commute more efficient.

Tesla Spokesperson Alex Georgeson said recently in a statement “The greatest use of this feature right now is where we have multiple superchargers and we put those superchargers close by, where owners have an option of whether to go to one or the other.” This feature helps drivers navigate to the closest and quickest Supercharger station, making it that much easier.


This comes just months prior to the release of their first volume model, the Model 3. By introducing this tech, it’ll make it easier to view Supercharger stations at a glance when there are a significant amount of extra Teslas on the road. The $35,000 EV is set to skyrocket the company’s sales, and with more units on the road using the Supercharger Network this will certainly be useful for all Tesla owners.