Audi Unveils RS4 Avant and RS5 Carbon Editions

The new packages save weight and delete an additional $13,000 from your wallet.

byChris Constantine|
Audi News photo

As if the new Audi RS4 Avant and RS5 Coupe weren't insane enough, Audi is coming out with Carbon Editions of both cars. According to Carscoops, Audi engineered the special variants to shed 176 pounds in the RS4 and 132 pounds in the RS5 thanks to the addition of a whole lot of carbon fiber

The mirror housings, interior accents, door sill extensions, spoiler, and rear diffuser are all made from the weight-saving material. The Carbon Editions also offer exclusive styling and features over the regular models, such as lighter 20-inch alloy wheels, black/red Nappa Leather seats, restyled LED headlights, and a Quattro sport differential.

The cars' 2.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 remains untouched, producing 444 horsepower in the RS5 and 450 horses in the RS4 Avant. However, buyers can now opt to raise the 155-miles-per-hour limit to 174. 

The grand total for these packages is £71,625 for the RS4 Avant and £75,400 for the RS5 Coupe, equating to about $95,931 and $100,987. Audi is picking up Porsche's old mantra as this is at least £10,000 (about $13,000) more than the "base" RS models, proving that you really can charge more for less. 

Neither of these editions are coming state-side, so these prices won't matter to most Americans, but this makes them the latest in the ever-growing list of awesome performance cars that we have to drool over from afar. 

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