Stolen Rental Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Found in Shipping Container

A London car spotter reportedly found the stolen Lambo in a shipping container destined for West Africa.


A woman with fake Irish identification rented a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder in Switzerland in July, drove to London, and never gave it back. Initially, many suspected that the car was already long gone on a boat to some tariff-heavy, second-world country and that the owner's chances of seeing the black, drop-top supercar again were slim, at best. But last Tuesday, the car was found by a professional London car spotter who found the lost Huracan in a shipping container destined for West Africa, according to and a Reddit post.

The car was found by a spotter who was searching for a stolen Audi. The Lamborghini was apparently being held in the container together along with a slew of other dubiously obtained luxury cars and the Audi the spotter was looking for. The car spotter recognized the Huracan from all of the media coverage that it received.

The Lamborghini's Swiss owner flew to London last week to retrieve and inspect his recovered car before driving it back home himself, presumably keeping the amount of time spent without the Huracan in his sight to a minimum. 

According to the Reddit post, police are now investigating and looking for the culprits.