Formula 1 and Complex Introduce Rapper A$AP Ferg to the Sport in New Web Show

Formula One partnered with hypebeast-centric website Complex for “The Pit,” a five-part series that highlights an F1 team and driver per episode.

byStef Schrader|
F1 photo


Anyone who's ever gone down a long enough Formula 1 video rabbit hole has probably come across the Lewis Hamilton episode of "Sneaker Shopping," but gird your loins, hypebeasts, as F1 wants to add a few more Supreme product placements with an all-new show with Complex, A$AP Ferg, and access to the sport's teams and drivers.  

Formula 1 announced a partnership with the culture website Complex to produce "The Pit," a five-episode web series hosted by rapper A$AP Ferg that promises "a literal ride through the mechanics of the sport." 

Each episode features a team and a driver from the current 2019 season, including Kimi Räikkönen, Carlos Sainz Jr., Lando Norris, and Daniel Ricciardo. Ferg will also face F1-related challenges throughout the series, such as trying to master the track while writing a fresh rap in Budapest in a McLaren 720S. 

It looks like The Pit will be more a culture-oriented look at the sport than the in-depth analysis that hardcore existing F1 fans typically crave, but it still looks pretty fun, and Ferg is clearly living his #blessed best life.

While this may seem like an unusual partnership to The Olds™, it actually makes some sense given the number of sneakerheads I spot at the United States Grand Prix every year. These are people who exist seemingly in spite of the fact that Circuit of the Americas' dirt paths turn into mud early, often, and have the potential to destroy their Craig Sagar Air Jordan 1s. That hypebeast life clearly doesn't stop even for wet-weather red flags. Either way, Formula One wants a younger audience, and Complex has it. 

This also wouldn't be the first time Complex took on a project that might appeal beyond your garden-variety hypebeast. The wildly popular food show "First We Feast" and its spin-off "Hot Ones," after all, are a couple of their other programs. So, I'm at least optimistic that they're going to show A$AP Ferg a good time in some fast cars, and hopefully hook a few new fans in the process. God only knows the sport needs it with all the white-haired, helicopter-riding bougie attendees that former Formula 1 head-honcho Bernie Ecclestone loved to cater toward.