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World’s Longest Racetrack Will Soon Be in Vegas, Not Germany

John Morris is building a proper Disneyland for speed freaks.

By now, you might be fairly sick of hearing about the Nürburgring. It seems like anything and everything is being tested there these days, perpetuating a petty automotive pissing contest that does nothing but make cars needlessly harsh for actual road use. If billionaire entrepreneur John Morris has his way, however, the ‘Ring’s days in the sun might be numbered. In a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, Morris outlines his grand plans for an “adult Disneyland” that includes a 15-mile racetrack as a main attraction—that’s 1.9 miles longer than the Nordschleife’s 13.1 miles. Located 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is a rich guy’s oasis, with 42 condos, a pool, indoor shooting range, and facilities where one can jet pack around Morris’ man-made lake. Future plans include a dirt track, a community of luxury homes, a hotel, restaurants, theaters, a car wash, and a coffee shop. The price for all of this is steep, with memberships requiring $45,000 up front and $5,000 a year in dues. 

Other than hosting members track days and driving schools, Spring Mountain has also been rented out by car manufacturers for testing. When Morris finishes the expansion, it’s set to topple the Nürburgring as longest test track ever. Its location in the Nevada desert means far less of the grueling elevation changes the Green Hell is famous for, which could make for less aggressively sprung cars if Spring Mountain is truly the next Nürburgring in the testing world.

‘Ring-record apathy is real, with every record-breaking announcement (and non-announcment) being met by more “so whats?” than the last. Perhaps, in a few years, Porsche, McLaren, and company will be duking it out over the fastest “Spring times” instead.