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Watch This Car Wash Worker Get Picked Up and Spun Around By a Giant Brush

Some people pay good money for a ride like that.

The researchers tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen. Car washes are out to get us. They may seem innocuous, all bubbles and warm water, but this video showing a poor employee get wrapped up by one of those spinning brushes and spun around like a top proves that we should all watch our backs.

Uploaded to YouTube this week, the clip shows an unnamed worker power washing the inside wall of one of those automatic car washes. For some reason, the giant rotating brush that cleans the side of a car is still spinning behind him, and it’s only a few seconds before the hose accidentally gets wrapped around the mechanism and pulled tight.

As he turns around to see what’s happening, he’s caught up in the tangle and pulled into the center of the brush, which is still spinning at full speed. He quickly loses his footing and goes for a spin on the world’s worst carnival ride, narrowly missing the nearby pillars as he whips around at high speed. The centrifugal force involved actually causes his boots to come flying off.

The whole thing mercifully ends after a few more seconds, either thanks to a panicked co-worker or an auto-shutdown triggered by the brush’s wild movements. The poor guy seems to be all right at the end, though he’s undoubtedly shaken up—and incredibly dizzy.

This isn’t the first time a car wash has struck, and like the scientists before every disaster movie try to warn us, it won’t be the last. Stay sharp.