Man Saves His 1961 Chevy Corvette From Fast-Moving California Wildfire

Your house, your family, or your shiny red C1 ‘Vette—take your pick.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Chevrolet News photo


Ah, Southern California. The land of pretty people, beautiful weather, and of course, the sweet smell of chaparral going up in flames every summer. That's especially the case this year—the winter's record precipitation laid down a thick blanket of fresh vegetation, all of which has wilted and dried nicely in the late-June sun.

At least six wildfires blazed across the region this week, one of which came pretty close to torching this neighborhood nestled in the hills just outside Burbank, California on Wednesday. Those are no doubt some really expensive homes, but one resident apparently decided to get the hell out in the one precious thing he could save—his Roman Red 1961 Chevrolet Corvette convertible.

David Steele, director of the American Hot Rod Foundation and the man who took the video, happened to be in the area when he noticed smoke starting to fill the air.

"I went outside, climbed up a short ridge and saw the fire. Then I saw the guy in the Corvette, you can’t tell it from the video but he was really moving," Steele told Autoweek.

The fire worked its way down the hillside, but fortunately firefighters were able to contain it before any homes (or classic cars) were lost. Evacuation orders were lifted last night, so hopefully both man and Corvette are home safe at this point.

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