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19-Year-Old Florida High Schooler Dies in Corvette Crash on Way Back from Prom

The 19 year-old's mother rented the Corvette for him as a gift for doing so well in high school.

High horsepower cars are readily available nowadays, and have become easy for just about anyone to acquire. These days, you can get more than 400 horsepower in a new car for around $34,000. However, that does not mean you should let anyone drive such a powerful vehicle, especially if they have limited driving experience.

Unfortunately, Taletrius Bradley, 19, suffered the worst of consequences when he rolled a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray his mother had rented for him for prom according to the Daily Mail. Bradley was a football star for Deerfield High School in Plantation, Florida, and was planning on attending the University of Tampa next year. His mother had rented the car as a reward for all the boy’s hard work throughout his high school career, both academically and athletically.

Listen, we understand Bradley’s mother’s desire to reward her son for doing so well. But as people who drive all sorts of cars for work, we know how squirrelly sports and muscle cars can be. Now imagine giving a 19-year-old high school student a 455-horsepower rear-wheel-drive sports car on one of the most exciting days of his young life. 

The tragedy struck after prom, when Bradley and his friend were driving home and flipped the vehicle. Both occupants suffered traumatic brain injuries, and Bradley died two days after the crash from the injuries he sustained. His 17-year-old friend and teammate, Demetrius Palmer, is still medically sedated due to brain swelling, and is being closely monitored for brain activity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bradley and Palmer family during this tough time.