Camaro Z/28 Owner Says He Was Trolling Matt Farah, Wants ‘One Take’ Video Taken Down

“Ahhhh, here it goes!”

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Some "One Take" videos are hard to watch. Not because Matt Farah and his team lack talent, but because some of the cars are, well, junky. Farah has taken questionable joyrides in everything from a slammed Prius to the Chevy Camaro in question in this One Take, a sad car with only three working brakes. I tried to watch the video yesterday, and I couldn't finish it. Today, I hopped onto Reddit's /r/cars today and saw this—a tweet from Matt Farah calling out the owner's bluff.

According to the post, the owner claims he was "just trolling" Farah, and he begged him to take down the video. Since the owner repeatedly vouched for the car throughout the video, it's a questionable ask. He claimed it had a few kinks to work out, but nothing serious. During the clip, the second-generation Camaro lurches to the right, making it more than a handful. The owner is clearly pretty embarrassed. In the history of Smoking Tire pieces, it may be one of the most awkward.

Farah's holding a poll to see what he should do. Most followers say that he should leave it up as an object lesson for the owner. 

What do you think? Is the guy honest, or full of shit?

Watch the video here and sound off in the comments or on The Drive's Facebook page.

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