This is What Happens When You Supercharge a Chevrolet Camaro SS

500 horsepower at the wheels ain’t a bad thing, as Matt Farah discovers.

byBasir Khan|
Chevrolet News photo

The Chevrolet Camaro, in its current form, was introduced in 2016 as a refined, modern-day muscle car. For starters, it weighs less and is undoubtedly more handsome when compared to its predecessor.

The Camaro, which celebrated its half-centennial anniversary last year, is available in several trims, the most notable being the SS. This trim is powered by the General's replacement for the LS motors of past: the LT1. This happens to be the same engine found in the current Corvette Stingray, and the best part is it, was left as is. This means the naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 still cranks out 455 horsepower propelling the coupe from 0-60 mph in precisely 4.0 seconds.

If that isn't enough, then good news: for roughly $7,000 you can slap on a blower and dial the SS up to 500 horsepower at the wheels. Sounds crazy, right? That is exactly what this owner did by installing a Vortech supercharger. Better yet, he then let Matt Farah take his car through the winding roads of Southern California. Check out the "One Take" video below.

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