The 2018 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition Is a Grown-Up Version of Your Favorite Toy

The only difference now is you make the "Vroom, vroom" sound with your foot and not your mouth.


While many of us played with Hot Wheels cars for years, eventually, we grew up. A lucky few of us got to start driving the real life versions of very same cars we played with as kids. However, the life-size versions didn't boast the same aggressive design and details you would normally associate with the finger-powered Hot Wheels cars we learned to love at such a very young age.

Now, Hot Wheels and Chevrolet have decided to celebrate 50 years of working together with a special-edition Chevy Camaro. The "Crush" colored Camaro comes with distinct Hot Wheels badging, striping and much more. If you look carefully, you will notice little details like orange brake calipers, satin graphite ground effects, black taillamps, even illuminated doorsill plates with "50th Anniversary Hot Wheels" emblazoned on them.

Chevy says the Hot Wheels Edition Camaro will debut at SEMA next week. But be warned, there is a catch: If you intend to add this package, you will have purchase either the 2LT or 2SS Camaro well as be willing to shell out an extra $4,995 on top of those cars' base prices.