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Watch This Chevy Camaro Drive Straight Up a Telephone Pole

This guy gives a whole new meaning to "pole position."

Ford Mustang drivers get a lot of flack for the bad way in which they often leave car meets, restaurants, and pretty much anything involving a parking lot. However, bad driving doesn’t discriminate between cars—hence why this video features a Chevrolet Camaro and not the common Mustang.

The video starts off with a Camaro questionably blasting past a red vehicle that was attempting to pull out of a driveway. The Camaro proceeds to brake check the vehicle filming three times, before making a few more erratic movements, like jerky lane changes and zooming over the posted speed limit. By this point in the video, we are all just waiting for the Camaro to have a catastrophic failure. From the driving skills demonstrated in the first minute of the video, we are assuming the operator’s knowledge of how a car handles is limited, to say the least. 

Turns out that assumption seems to be correct, as the Camaro driver gets on the gas too early after turning left. The muscle car’s tail kicks out, the operator overcorrects…and three seconds later, he’s halfway up a telephone pole.

This is where things get even weirder. If you look closely, the Camaro driver attempts to reverse his car as if he just mounted a curb. Clearly, you are not dislodging your Camaro if it’s made it seven feet into the air. It is unclear whether or not the the driver was impaired at the time of the incident, but it’s very clear his judgement was not all that great.