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Watch These Soothing Hot Wheels Restoration Videos

Warning, you might embark on a three-hour Youtube binge.

From extreme sports to restoring Hot Wheels cars, there is a Youtube channel for just about everything. And these Hot Wheels restoration videos from BaremetalHW are truly a thing of beauty. 

The account’s owner carefully takes apart a car he either owns or recently acquired and goes over the restoration process in detail. The first step starts with laying out each piece of the car. He then sands and primes the parts for paint and then applies the desired colors. Once this step is complete, he rebuilds the car and begins the detail process from decals to little paint accents. 

Although many of his cars are restored back to their original or close to original design, the channel owner also makes custom Hot Wheels cars from more conservative models. From Lamborghini Countachs to Ford F100s, this channel has a car for just about any enthusiast. Below we have placed several examples of his work and I am confident you will get lost in these videos. Do you have another Youtube channel you feel The Drive fans would like? Place the link in the comments below.