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Massive Hot Wheels Collection on Sale for $120,000

The collection was allegedly appraised at more than $200,000 six year ago.

Any Hot Wheels enthusiasts out there looking to take over a whole fleet? If so, you might want to check this out. A few days ago, an ad for a massive Hot Wheels collection was placed on the Middle East website dubizzle, priced at 440,000, dirhams that equals an incredible $119,788.

The seller states that it’s a “HUGE collection that I started over 22 [years] ago.” He also claims to have the largest collection in UAE and probably all of the Middle East region. The whole range is said to consist of “over 8,000 pieces ranging from 1968 [to today].” 

One way of looking at it is that, the seller would have had to purchase or be gifted a car everyday from 1996, only then would it amount to that number.

The seller also mentions that, “There are many Hot Wheels clubs [throughout] the world to include UAE. So, if you feel this is a collection that you must have for yourself or [someone] in your family, lets talk. This collection was appraised for over $200,000 [six years] ago.” 

The authenticity of these cars is something a Hot Wheels enthusiast would need to confirm, but we did spot duplicates in the collection, which may not appeal to the genuine collector.

As seen from the posted pictures, some of these miniature vehicles have been showcased neatly. The rest, while being in their original packing, were stacked one on top of the other in plastic storage cases almost like they were a bunch of “toy cars,” which sort of takes away some of the magic from it all. 

There is even a picture of four different Hot Wheels books, but the ad doesn’t mention whether those are also for sale.