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Rocket League Video Game to Release Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Car Pack

The downloadable cars and themed arena will be available Sept. 24.

Video game developer Psyonix announced a new batch of content for its popular game, Rocket League. Dropping on Sept. 24, the $5.99 Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack will include three digitized versions of original Hot Wheels cars. This pack has been created as part of the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary celebration and will release alongside a new Hot Wheels-themed stadium free to all Rocket League players.

Rocket League is a fast-paced eSports game that puts its own unique spin on classic soccer. In the game, players score points by pushing a large ball into an opposing team’s goal. To achieve that task, they must drive, jump, and barrel roll futuristic rocket-powered cars. The rules of the game are simple, but players have to learn a variety of challenging moves and techniques to be competitive online.

Paying the $5.99 price of the Triple Threat Pack will immediately let players unlock three cars, the Gazella GT, the rallycross-inspired Fast FWD, and the MR11. Once purchased, the vehicles are able to be used in Rocket League’s standard soccer mode, as well as other game-types that are based on hockey and basketball. These three cars compliment two iconic Hot Wheels vehicles—Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III—that Psyonix put into the game last year. The developer also stated that all five of the in-game cars will get corresponding real-life models in a “die-cast Hot Wheels Rocket League 5-Pack” to be available in stores mid-October.

At the time of the pack’s release, players will also be able to score points in the “Hot Wheels Rivals Arena,” which will be available for free. The stadium includes two Hot Wheels loop tracks that take up most of the background scenery. In addition, a few new customization items will be offered, including Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary wheels that players can apply to any vehicles they have previously won or purchased.