Watch a Kid Use Hot Wheels to Pull Tooth

A motorized twist on the classic string-and-a-doorknob method.

byBen Keeshin|
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In an twist on the classic string-and-a-doorknob method, a young boy has used a motorized Hot Wheels track to forcefully remove a baby tooth. Yes, encroaching technology is probably evil and will eventually leave us submerged, Matrix-style, in a nourishing slurry while robots feast on our thoughts; but today, in Tooth Fairy Land, all is very well.

The track here is battery-powered, shooting any model car placed in it around an endless loop-de-loop. The scene opens with the boy having attached what looks like regulation-gauge kitchen twine from a molar to a Hot Wheels car. He sets the car in the self-sufficient loop, and squeals as it sets off around the track. The first few seconds are fruitless: He's chosen a small loop, which doesn't produce enough tension to yank the tooth. At the urging of his father, and with the assured strength of a railroad engineer, the boy makes a switch, sending the electronically-boosted car distant. Presto! A young boy is absent a tooth, and for a few seconds, a Hot Wheels car tows a slightly-bloody chunk of human collagen around a tiny, acrobatic racetrack. The world is a wonder.