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Blocks-Long Nissan Skyline Burnout Leads to $1,000 Ticket On Facebook Live

You know it’s bad when the first thing the cop says is “It’s gonna be very expensive, man.”

byKyle Cheromcha|
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There are a lot of things that can make a burnout truly legendary. Sometimes it involves smoking the tires through seven gears, or possibly a whole lotta flames—but one surefire path to viral infamy is live-streaming your buddy laying down a three-block-long burnout in a RHD R32 Nissan Skyline on a public road and immediately getting pulled over.

Erstwhile Facebooker John Sabal was filming from the passenger seat as his friend Matthew Hutchinson drove around Ocean City, Maryland in a Nissan Skyline earlier this month. The video opens with the burnout already in progress and Sabal encouraging Hutchinson to "keep in going, bro." That's exactly what he does, burning rubber for almost two more blocks through traffic to the amazement of nearby pedestrians.

At 0:18, he finally lets off the gas, and the sound of screaming tires is immediately—and we mean immediately—replaced with the unmistakable wail of a police siren. A marked cruiser materializes through the smoke behind them, lights flashing away. "I'm going to jail for that one," the driver says with a small hint of pride. "He's definitely gonna handcuff me for that."

The cop strolls up to the passenger-side window (remember, right-hand drive) to ask for his license and registration, and opens with an unforgettable warning: "It's gonna be very expensive man, just letting you know. Very expensive." According to Sabal, that translated to a $1,000 ticket.

What makes this clip so excellent is the guilt-free enjoyment. Burnouts are great fun, but all too often these videos can encourage people to break the law with abandon. So here we get to enjoy both a public display of JDM hooliganism

and the feeling of absolution that comes with watching someone get busted. A win-win for everyone—except the driver.

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