Watch This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Hit Seventh Gear in A Burnout

As the age of Demons draws near, a reminder of the Hellcat’s power.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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Burnouts can be tricky stuff. Despite its place as a staple act of hooliganism, laying 11s successfully takes a fair bit of technique beyond mashing the brake and gas at the same time. After all, the internet is littered with videos ranging from hilarious to dangerous that show what happens when the skill-to-horsepower ratio is way out of whack. So color us impressed at the feat of one Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner, who managed to keep it together long enough to hit seventh gear at the end of a straight line burnout in the middle of the night.

From Poland with love, the video begins with the Hellcat silently crouched on a dark road. The engine roars, the tires start to roast, and car pushes down the empty street, popping through the gears like candy. After about 11 seconds (heh) and a couple hundred feet, you can just barely hear the transmission hit seventh gear before the driver is forced to cash out by an upcoming curve. We at The Drive do not endorse committing misdemeanor offenses, but it appears this guy at least had the sense to pick a completely deserted road with a green light and a clear line of sight. Also, that smoke plume. 

It's not a professional driver nor a closed course, but you can't deny this would make an effective commercial for Dodge as the Demon stands to at least partially cannibalize the Hellcat's sales among people who appreciate this sort of thing. Speaking of which, look for proud new Demon owners to inevitably try smoking the tires in all eight gears, and for Nitto to make a killing. 

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