How ‘Aerodynamic Supercharging’ Makes the Lamborghini SCV12 More Powerful as It Goes Faster

The track-only hypercar packs Lambo’s most powerful V12 ever thanks to this trick tech.

byChris Tsui|
Lamborghini News photo

Three months after getting our first peek at Lamborghini's Squadra Corse hypercar, the company is blessing us with our best look at the track-only machine yet. Still wearing a layer of eye-scrambling camouflage and slated for a full debut sometime this summer, this is the Lamborghini SCV12—Sant’Agata’s  most powerful V12 car ever.

Remarkably, it holds that title while remaining naturally aspirated...technically, at least. Even though the SCV12's 6.5-liter does without traditional turbo- or supercharging, it's apparently able to exceed its on-the-tin 830 horsepower thanks to something Lambo calls "aerodynamic supercharging," the latest act of breeze-manipulation from the same company that brought us ALA

As Lamborghini explains, "The SCV12's front bonnet has a double air intake and a central rib directing airflow to the ram-air intake scoop located on the roof. This directs dynamic air pressure created by the car’s movement to increase static air pressure in the engine’s intake manifold, creating greater airflow through the engine and increasing power."

Essentially, the SCV12 makes more power the faster it goes. In the words of Andy Bernard, if you don't know why that's awesome, you need awesome lessons. 

Don't think Lambo's upcoming track fiend will just be a 'roided-up Aventador with a trick forced induction system either. For starters, it's apparently more aerodynamic and creates more downforce than an actual GT3 race car and, unlike most Lambos, is pure rear-wheel-drive. 

Built on a new, all-carbon chassis, the SCV12 features a big front splitter, an even bigger carbon rear spoiler, and a sequential six-speed transmission that's integrated as part of the chassis' structure and directly connected to the car's pushrod rear suspension. Magnesium wheels measuring 19 inches up front and 20 inches in the rear are wrapped in Pirelli slicks specifically developed for this car.

Still not sold? Just have a listen to this.

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