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Blink and You’ll Miss Your First Look at the V12 Lamborghini Squadra Corse Hypercar

Surprising nobody, Lambo's new hypercar will look as loud as it sounds.

Last time we heard from Lamborghini’s upcoming track-only hypercar, it was strapped to a dyno and didn’t appear to wear any bodywork. Now, Lamborghini has released footage from its first, real-life shakedown laps for its new V12 weapon. Equal parts tantalizing and infuriating, this brief teaser serves up even more of that delicious exhaust noise as well as our first glimpses at some of this uber-Lambo’s design.

While it still wears an eyeball-scrambling camouflage wrap, there’s quite a bit that can be gleaned as to how this car will look. For starters, it’ll get a massive, LaFerrari-style vented hood that’ll surely funnel air sucked in from the dual intakes located somewhere around its nose. This being loosely based on the Aventador, it’ll also feature the flagship’s scissor doors that, in this application, don’t look to sport much padding or plastic trim. Its massive rear wing looks to be made entirely out of carbon fiber and sits above an equally grand rear diffuser, dual exhausts, and an F1-style brake light. Just what you’d expect from a circuit-only, balls-to-the-wall Lamborghini, then.

To recap, the yet-to-be-named hypercar is being developed by Lambo’s Squadra Corse racing arm and will be powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 pumping out 830 horsepower. Other confirmed details include a roof-mounted air scoop, aluminum front frame, carbon fiber monocoque, single-nut wheels wrapped in sticky Pirelli rubber, and an “innovative self-locking type differential” that provides, you guessed it, better on-track handling. 

Poised to be Lamborghini’s answer to other top-shelf rich boy toys like Ferrari’s FXX-K and the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Sant’Agata’s track monster will apparently debut this summer…assuming the whole pandemic situation doesn’t throw any wrenches into Lambo’s plans. 

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