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84 Percent of Americans Have Hooked Up in Cars, Study Finds

A new survey reveals more about having sex in cars than we ever wanted to know., a site that educates driving students, has done some important research on a subject that has not been studied closely enough until now. In a study entitled “Smooching in Sedans: Exploring How Often Americans Hook Up In A Vehicle,” explores that very topic by surveying more than 1,000 Americans and returns some fascinating data.

Let’s start with the biggest stat we’re all wondering: What percentage of Americans have “hooked up” in a vehicle? The answer is 84.4 percent, which means you’re in a pretty small minority if you’ve never gotten intimate in a car. You can see the breakdown of age groups and sexual acts performed below.


Want to know what kind of car you’re the most likely to get lucky in? It looks like the preferred vehicle for Baby Boomers is a good old-fashioned sedan while millennials and Gen-Xers prefer the space and versatility of an SUV. Presumably, Boomers like sedans because of old American cars’ bench seats, which were practically the size of mattresses, and probably more accommodating for love than modern sedans.

As for preferred brands, big-volume brands are the most popular, probably due to their sheer ubiquity in the United States. Ford was the most commonly loved-in car and Lincoln came in dead last. Incidentally, Lincolns produce satisfying results, returning the highest satisfaction rate of any vehicle manufacturer with Cadillac tied for second with Audi. This is a big win for American luxury cars. It’s probably the first time Lincoln has ever been called one of the sexiest car brands in the industry.

message-editor%2F1506996190799-carhookups2.jpg has dug so deep in its research that it even figured out preferred sex positions in cars. See for yourself below what works and what doesn’t, statistically speaking. The graphic below also shows where we Americans like to do it in cars and how often it happens while one of the lovers is driving. It looks like 36.5 percent of you needs to take it easy because that most definitely counts as distracted driving.


Not surprisingly, the back seat is the preferred location for getting frisky and the driver’s seat is the least popular because of that pesky steering wheel in the way. It’s probably best to avoid honking the horn while that’s going on.


Generation X puts millennials to shame when it comes to getting down in cars. While Gen X statistically started doing the deed in cars slightly later in life than the other two generations studied, once they started, they kept going, some well into their 40s.


We can’t help but wonder how the imminent self-driving car revolution will affect these stats.