Koenigsegg Spent All Afternoon Tweeting Vegetable Puns

Bless those Swedish weirdos.

bySean Evans| PUBLISHED Jan 19, 2016 11:08 PM
Koenigsegg Spent All Afternoon Tweeting Vegetable Puns

If you don’t follow Koenigsegg’s official feed, you should. The Swedish megacar maker is responsive, insightful and often downright hilarious. Such as when they call out people who post photos of their million-dollar beauties, fraudulently claiming ownership. Or how they how they respond to undying adulations:

You would also have had a front row seat to today’s quirky stream of vegetable-based puns blooming in the Twitterverse this afternoon. Let’s peel back the layers and find the seed for the double entendres. Someone asked if Koenigsegg could “beet” McLaren’s P1 and that gave the genius/troll helming their feed a fantastic idea:

Here are some of the best #VeggieSegg Tweets from the whole field:

(Alas, as of press time, McLaren didn’t take the bait.)

Koenigsegg’s fans got in on the fun, too:

Well done to Koenigsegg and it’s crop of fans.