Watch This Crazy Engine Rig That Bugatti Uses To Simulate Nürburgring Runs

The hefty W-16 straps in for a ride on this high-dollar machine.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Watch This Crazy Engine Rig That Bugatti Uses To Simulate Nürburgring Runs


You didn't expect the development of a multi-million dollar hypercar to be simple, did you? Power is obviously a major focus for Bugatti, but the automaker went through extensive testing to make sure engine components were up to par for its impressive Chiron. Even though many customers will keep their Chiron on the road (or in the garage), Bugatti wants to make sure that the quad-turbo W-16 can handle track duty on the seldom occasion. The rig you see here is used to simulate runs of the Nürburgring to ensure the 8.0-liter engine is fully fed with oil and coolant at each twist and turn.

Despite the oddness of this particular device, many manufacturers use similar machines to test their engines for high performance runs. By running their power plants through these imitations, manufacturers can measure and analyze important statistics that are crucial to reliability. That becomes especially important when you're on the world's toughest track, one that has more than 70 corners with various changes in altitude.

Most importantly, this is a cost-saving measure for boutique manufacturers like Bugatti. Although a machine like this costs a ton, it's much less expensive than actually crashing a Chiron on track. 

Watch as the rig tosses the 1,500 horsepower lump from side to side, reaching an almost-vertical state in some "turns".