Smashed Ferrari 488 Spider Randomly Found in Field

Who just abandons a supercar like this?

A blue Ferrari 488 Spider was found smashed up in the middle of a grassy field in Outlane, England, and apparently no one knows how it got there, Daily Mail reports.

In pictures shared by The Sun, it looks as if the 488 Spider was driven off a road, through a fence and some shrubbery, and then came to a stop in the field. It’s unclear just how severe the damage was that the Ferrari sustained, but the car needs at least a right-side mirror, front right fender, front bumper, a probably a bunch of other pieces. It’s unclear when the 488 actually ended up in the lot. 

In case it’s not obvious, multi-hundred thousand dollar supercar—like this Ferrari—generally aren’t engineered for off-road excursions. 

Unfortunately, it appears this 488 may have paid the ultimate price.

The last time we at The Drive came across an abandoned Ferrari, it was a 456 model that had reportedly been parked on a London street for two years and counting. Though that car didn’t have any kind of damage like this 488, it was sitting for a much longer time. Though the damage differs, both cars share sad tales of loneliness.