A Ferrari 456 Has Been Abandoned On a Fancy London Street For 2 Years

Who would do this to such a beautful Ferrari?


A beautiful Ferrari 456 has been booted by authorities, after the once-proud supercar was left to collect dust and empty tea cups on a London street in a fancy neighborhood for two years, The Sun reports. 

In pictures provided to The Sun, the 436-horsepower Ferrari can be seen sitting forlornely in its parking spot with a broken mirror, a "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THIS" sticker, and a paper under its windshield. A patch of what appears to be gross, green mossy-looking material has even begun to grow on the asphalt surrounding the car. 

The car's inspection tag expired in April 2015 and its registration was good until the beginning of 2017, the report said. 

It's a bizarre set of circumstances, especially considering the car's value. In recent years, Ferrari 456s have been listed on eBay for around $50,000.

You know, if someone found the keys to this car and gave it a quick detail, we'd bet it'd be something of a looker. But until then, please, someone just save this poor sports car. It might be abandoned and in need of some tender lovin' care, but it's still a 5.5-liter V12-engined Ferrari.