Watch a 3-Year-Old Unbox the 80-Foot-Long, All-New Volvo VNL Truck

The Volvo VNL has the most autonomous features of any truck currently on the market.

byMax Goldberg|
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We all love our cars and trucks, whether you are 16 or 96—if you are reading articles on The Drive there is a good chance you ogle over motor vehicles. When I was two-years-old, I started sitting behind the screen of my front door, yelling out the names of cars as they drove by and I jumped with joy every time I got to touch one.

Fast forward 25 years, and I act the same exact way. I stand by my desk, look out the window and yell to The Drive staff what I just say driving by (ED: It's true, he does that). When a car comes into The Drive's garage, I greet the vehicle with a series of "oohhh....niceee... I bet it sounds purrty." The point I am getting at is our love for cars and trucks doesn't change with age. 

Volvo capitalized on this idea and had an adorable 3 year-old named Joel Jovine (sick name) unbox the company's brand new VNL truck. Available in numerous configurations, the new Volvo VNL 760 tractor comes with a 70-inch rear cabin, a Cummins X15 making 565 horsepower and 1850 lb-ft of torque, and semi-enough autonomous features to make Tesla nervous. To unveil the truck, Volvo recruited Joel to unbox that truck as if it was one of his toys. Volvo then had the curious 3 year-old explore the truck and play with all the creature comforts the cabin had to offer. Finally, Joel to a ride around the block with some friendly trucker.

Long story short, Volvo's VNL line is ready to hit the road with industry-changing autonomous features and creature comforts that will make the life of the road a little easier. 

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