Man Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Ferrari 488 GTB, Pouring Gas on It

To be fair, those Ferrari gas caps can be tricky.

A Georgia man was arrested last weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area after stealing a Ferrari 488 GTB from a dealership, then begging passersby for gas money and reportedly dumping fuel on it, according to police

According to CBS 5 KPIX’s, on June 11th, the San Rafael police responded to a report of a man who had been reported acting suspiciously—including one account that he had been spotted pouring gasoline onto the car itself—near the intersection of Francisco Boulevard East and Shoreline Parkway. (Which, ironically enough, is less than a mile from San Quentin prison, according to Google Maps.)

When officers arrived and began questioning 36-year-old Rocky Jimenez about the car, he told them he was the owner, according to police, and said that he had just picked up the the F-car after two years in the shop for service. 

But the officers weren’t convinced, according to the police report, due to Jimenez’s odd behavior and vague responses. When he gave them permission to search his backpack for the proof of ownership he swore was there, officers found nothing of the sort—just a key to the 488 GTB and the key to a second Ferrari. 

Police said they then called the local Ferrari dealership, who dispatched a representative to the scene; the dealership employee then confirmed that the car had been stolen from the San Rafael service center, and stated that the car was worth $245,000. Officers also discovered property that had been stolen during a commercial robbery two days prior.  

Unsurprisingly, Jimenez was then arrested on counts of possession of stolen property, vehicle theft, and possession of a controlled substance, according to the report.