Tennessee Man Allegedly Steals Date's Car, Uses it for a Different Date, Gets Arrested

And you think you've been on some bad dates.


It’s one thing for your date to ditch you for another girl. It’s another thing for your date to steal your car. To have both happen in one night just might make for one of the most awkward nights in dating history. But that's what seems to have happened to a poor, unsuspecting carjacking victim in Tennessee, according to Fox 13 Memphis.

Suspect Kelton Griffin was driving his date’s car when he stopped at a gas station and asked her to get out and buy some cigars, according to the Fox affiliate. After she exited the car, he drove off leaving her stranded at the gas station. She tried calling him, but naturally, Griffin wouldn’t answer his phone and he blocked her on social media.

What he did with the car is almost as insidious as the theft itself. He used it to pick up another girl and take her to the Summer Drive-In cinema in Memphis. Unfortunately for Griffin, the new girl he picked up was the victim’s godsister who knew that her car had allegedly been stolen.

When she figured out she was being taken to a movie in her godsister’s allegedly stolen car, she notified the victim and the police showed up at the cinema to arrest Griffin shortly thereafter. He was charged with theft of property. Fox 13 does not specify what kind of car it was.

If you think you’ve been on some bad dates, just be glad you’ve never gone on a date with Kelton Griffin. Luckily for Memphis singles, it sounds like he won’t be going on any more dates any time soon.