Best Towing Mirrors: Our Top Picks for Safe Hauling

Be smart and safe while towing with these top towing mirrors for your vehicle.

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BYAustin Fracchia/ LAST UPDATED ON February 8, 2023

Towing can be a stressful endeavor. To give yourself the peace of mind on the road while hauling, you need a great pair of towing mirrors ready to go on your vehicle. You’ll have a better view of things behind you of both the driver side and passenger side blind spots, keeping you safe on the road. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the best towing mirrors for your vehicle.

Best Overall
Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror 

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror 

The ultimate universal towing mirror, this one mounts onto any vehicle with easy-grip clamps that require no tools to install.
An air-balanced design stops vibrations, wide, tall mirror surface, universal attachment clamps, solid and durable construction.
Can fall off of the vehicle if not mounted properly. Difficult to mount onto round mirrors.
Best Value

Fit System 3891 Deluxe Universal Clip-on Trailer Towing Mirror

Easy-to-use snap-on mirrors that work with your existing side mirrors to expand your field of view. A great choice for the occasional tow.
The snap-on design is convenient and won’t damage your existing mirrors. Can be folded away. Durable construction, great clarity, and a seamless design.
Smaller than some other towing mirrors on the market, which translates into a smaller field of view.
Honorable Mention

ECCPP Towing Mirrors with LED Arrows and Heating

High-quality towing mirrors with lots of features, these are a great pick if you want the peace of mind that comes with having a large field of view.
LED arrows that link up with existing turn signals, built-in heating for defrosting icy mirrors, power adjustability, and vibration stabilization.
On the pricier side. Only compatible with a narrow range of Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs.

Summary List of Towing Mirrors

Our Methodology

We selected these tow mirrors based on price, materials, ease of installation, and glass type. Generally, whichever has the best all-around mix of all four is an easy winner, though if the latter three are a solid mix in the under $40 range, $50-$90 range, or over $100, that was taken into account, too. Not everyone's on the same page budget-wise, but we like to think that the way we put this all together would work with anyone's financial situation. We also looked at intuitive features like heating and integrated LEDs, though those were less of a concern.

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Best Towing Mirrors Reviews & Recommendations

Universal in design, this Dometic towing mirror mounts on all makes and models. The easy-grip clamp attachment requires no tools, making installation a quick process. An air-balanced design stops vibrations for a field of view clear and free of any distortions. The mirror itself is wide and tall, creating a top-to-bottom view of whatever you’re towing. 

The innovative, patented design allows it to work with curved mirrors as well as flat ones. In terms of quality, these are well-made, have terrific clarity, and can withstand adverse weather conditions. They’re also fairly lightweight so they won’t damage your existing side mirrors.

These are a great pick if you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution since they mount on and come off quickly. We’ve only noticed one downside: They can technically fall off. If you take care to mount them properly and check on them periodically, you should be fine. 

As a universal clip-on mirror, this one will fit onto almost any vehicle. The design is sleek and secure, requiring no tools to install. These simply clip onto your existing mirrors to increase your field of view without blocking the view. Dual mounting straps fasten and lock tight to reduce vibrations and keep your view distortion-free.

These are durable and well-made for the price. They also have good clarity and a wide field of view thanks to the extended design. The clip-on straps are rubber-padded to protect your existing mirrors, making them easy to take on and off without worrying about your car. Be sure to adjust these properly so you can see your trailer and surroundings as much as possible.

Compared to some other mirrors, these are a bit smaller, which creates a smaller field of view. If you have a big trailer to tow and want the maximum view possible, we recommend looking into other types. 

These ECCPP towing mirrors are a great addition to your truck or SUV. With LED arrows and turn signals, as well as built-in heating and defrosting, these are a great option if you’re towing frequently in colder conditions. Powered adjustability makes them easy and convenient to use. They’re a permanent option that will replace your factory side mirrors, so they come as a pair.

In terms of quality, these are manufactured to high standards and demonstrate their durability in several ways. For instance, they have no problem with noise or vibrations. The clarity of the glass is also high. They fold flat when not in use, and the telescoping design offers an extended field of view. Two types of glass allow you to see nearly everything that’s going on behind you.

These mirrors are made for specific Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs, so make sure they are compatible with your vehicle before purchasing. Besides that, their only drawback is the installation, which will require some time and effort since it involves completely removing your old mirrors and mounting these in their place. The wiring can be complicated to figure out. Unless you have experience, we recommend letting a professional help to get the best results.

If you’re in the market for a solid and reliable towing mirror for your Ford F-150, F-250 Light Duty, or F-250 XLT, the CIPA 11800 Custom Towing Mirror is a great option. It’s designed to slide right over your existing side mirrors using wedge lock security. Since it’s custom designed for your Ford truck, this mirror will fit snugly with very little vibration, even at higher speeds. 

This model also features an adjustable side mirror that allows you to get the most out of your towing needs. Both the mirrors and the installation knobs are constructed from rugged and durable ABS plastic that’s built to withstand some serious weather conditions. The mirror face has a durable scratch-resistant coating to give you years of unobstructed views.

While these mirrors are a custom design, users still report having to check them regularly to tighten and retighten the fittings to make sure the mirrors don’t fall off while driving. This seems a small annoyance considering their cost savings over stock mirrors, however. They’re a great option for occasional towing jobs, like campers and 5th wheels.

We like the Snap & Zap Custom Fit Towing Mirror for those who have a Chevy Silverado 1500 or a GMC Sierra 1500. They feature an easy and straightforward clip-on installation without the need for any tools at all. This particular model is specifically molded to fit on Chevy/GMC factory mirrors. 

The extensions fit on so that they don’t interfere with your OE mirror glass, giving you the maximum rear viewing capacity possible. As an added bonus, you can also fold in the mirrors without having to remove the extensions. They’re also designed to be a good subtle addition to your side mirrors without looking like bulky obnoxious add-ons. 

Because the mirror glass needs to be adjusted manually, it can take a few tries to get it just right. There is also some concern about the long-term durability of the mirror clips. Some users also report wishing that the mirrors were just a bit larger to provide a wider viewing area.

Our Verdict

Our top pick for the best towing mirrors is the Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror. They’re durable and offer a good field of view that makes towing easier and safer.

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey, consider the Fit System 3891 Deluxe Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror.


Q: What are the different types of towing mirrors?

A: There are manual towing mirrmors, powered towing mirrors, telescopic towing mirrors, and universal clip-on towing mirrors.

Q: What are some tips and advice for using tow mirrors?

A: Use a glass cleaner to maintain the clarity of the mirror’s glass. When cleaning the surface, make sure to use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

To maintain universal clip-on and slide-on mirrors, remove them from the mounting point for a thorough cleaning. While detached, also check and clean the factory side mirrors to keep them in good condition.

If your towing mirror has chrome accents, polish these up to keep everything looking new. This will also help maintain the health of the chrome.

For universal mirrors with silicone straps, use silicone adhesive to join the straps permanently to the hooks that grab the top and bottom of the mirror housing. 

If you’re concerned about a clip-on mirror falling off while cruising down the highway, use a zip tie to attach the mirror to the frame of the vehicle’s mirror. That should keep it attached, even if the fittings come loose.

To adjust your towing mirrors to the correct position, start with them straight and perpendicular to the vehicle. Sit in the driver’s seat and adjust them until you can see about 200 feet behind you.

Q: Do towing mirrors fold back if I hit something in the parking lot?

A: It depends on the model and type of the mirror. Some of the more expensive models do fold back to prevent damage, as do clip-on mirrors attached to folding side mirrors. Always be aware of your surroundings and drive carefully no matter what.

Q: The factory side mirrors on my car are electric. Will this pose a problem?

A: It won’t be a problem at all if you install permanent towing mirrors. These have the advantage of retaining the full functionality of your electric mirrors. If this is your preferred option, it’s best to have a professional install them to ensure they work properly.

Q: Can I upgrade my power mirrors?

A: Yes, and also no. It all depends on the type of towing mirror you have and the features you want. Many towing mirror options have advanced features such as turn signals or built-in heaters. These features will need to be wired into your vehicle’s existing electrical wiring.

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