Best Side Window Deflectors: Enjoy Fresh Air All Year Round

Keep your vehicle fresh even when it’s raining with these side-window deflectors

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON May 11, 2021

Side-window deflectors allow you to enjoy cool air flowing through your vehicle's windows even in bad weather. They typically work by channeling the rainwater and snow away from your window. Choosing one that’s perfect for your car or truck may be a bit difficult, so we have come up with some of the best vents visor options for your consideration.

Best Overall
Auto Ventshade Side Window Deflector

Auto Ventshade Side Window Deflector

Four side-window vent visors that direct rain, snow, and wind from the window opening. Recommended for 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JKU models.
Prevents heat buildup in parked vehicles.  Protected from UV rays. Allows free flow of fresh air through the windows. Installs in minutes. Made of high-quality material.
Poor packaging. Prone to scratches. May break or crack during installation.
Best Value

Auto Ventshade Chrome Side Window Deflector

These side window deflectors have a chrome finish for beauty and durability. Their unique design lets fresh air in and reduces heat buildup.
They come with a limited lifetime warranty, are easy to install, and are precision-engineered to fit perfectly. They also feature 3M pre-applied adhesive tape for swift mounting.
There’s restricted airflow because the space between the glass and the visor is little. They make a whistling sound as you drive.
Honorable Mention

Rugged Ridge Deflectors

Front- and rear-window deflectors that offer protection against wind and rain. Recommended for 2016-19 Toyota Tacoma double cabs.
Shatter and scratch-resistant. Stylish OEM finish. It promotes a quiet and smooth ride. Easy to install. UV-resistant design. Great for off-road vehicles.
Fitting issues with some vehicle models. May whistle during high-speed driving. May deform under intense heat. 

Benefits of Side Window Deflectors

  • Reduce wind noise. Opening your windows as you drive can let in a lot of noise and wind, depending on where you’re driving. The best side window deflectors reduce wind noise. They redirect wind up and over the vehicle, so it doesn’t go inside.
  • De-mist windows. Window deflectors can enhance your driving experience. In chilly weather, condensation can cause your windows to fog up, making it hard for you to see. Window deflectors prevent this from happening by demisting the windows. They also help minimize condensation in winter.
  • Make your car more comfortable. Window visors deflect wind and rain away from your car’s windows. The interior becomes a more comfortable environment because outdoor elements don’t make their way in.

Types of Side Window Deflectors


These can be installed easily because they feature adhesive tape. The tape is fixed at the bottom, where the deflectors connect to the car’s windows. These visors divert rain better because they go outside the window channel. They push rain further away from your car’s windows. Their major upside is they don’t meet the windows at any point. But it can be challenging to remove them because they can damage the vehicle’s paint. When removing them, do it slowly and use a mild citrus-based cleaner to clean the residue.


These deflectors are a better option for car owners worried about their cars’ paint finish. They are secured by the window channels, so there is no adhesive to fret over. They look better and are less prone to damage compared to tape-on deflectors. They are also easier to remove, you only need to apply some force. However, it’s important that these deflectors fit your car perfectly, or they may rattle, loosen, and fall out. And since they are right next to the windows, they may scratch the glass if loose.

Top Brands

Auto Ventshade (AVS)

AVS was established in 1935 by Asa Phillips. It became popular because of its Ventshade car accessory. The metal device was installed above car windows and kept bad weather out and let fresh air in. It later led to the invention of Ventvisor and side window deflectors. In 1998, the company was acquired by Lund International. AVS also manufactures moonroof deflectors, light covers, and Aeroskin hood protectors. To understand why this company remains popular, get the Auto Ventshade In-Channel Ventvisor.


In 1917, the Nakajima Aircraft Company was founded in Japan. The company later came to be known as the Subaru Corporation. Subaru is the automobile manufacturing branch of the Subaru Corporation and is one of the largest automakers in the world. Its cars feature a boxer engine layout. The brand also makes car parts and accessories. Its headquarters are in Shibuya City in Tokyo, Japan. If you want window deflectors that will make your car stand out, get these Subaru Side Window Deflectors.


This company was established by David MacNeil in 1989, and he still owns 100 percent of the company. Back then, it was based in Clarendon Hills, Ill. The company headquarters are now in Bolingbrook, Ill. WeatherTech says customers are its number one priority and offers a limited lifetime warranty for all its products. It is committed to quality and has ISO9001 certification. Get the WeatherTech Side Window Deflector and experience the company’s love for quality.

Side Window Deflectors Pricing

  • $20-$50: Some of these side window deflectors are sold in sets while others are sold individually. They may be in-channel or tape-on deflectors.
  • $50-$150: Here’s where you’ll find window deflectors made by big brands like Auto Ventshade, Nissan, Ford, and GM. Some are specially designed for specific car models.

Key Features

Deflector Type

Window deflectors can either be universal or custom-made. Universal rain guards are much more popular and are also affordable. However, they only last for a short period. Custom-made deflectors last longer, but they tend to be more expensive. Whether you decide to get universal or custom-made deflectors, confirm if they match your car windows’ curvature. If you get the wrong deflectors, you may have to keep adjusting them manually, increasing the tension in the plastic. At the slightest impact, they may get damaged. 

Vehicle Fit

It can be very frustrating to buy window visors only to find out they don’t fit your windows as they should. Some window deflectors are only designed for specific cars, so it’s up to you to do some due diligence before buying. Most manufacturers provide this information and you can reach out to those who don’t. How the rain guards will be installed further determines how well they will fit your car.


Since side window deflectors are installed on the outer part of a car, they should be tough and durable. They will be rained on, snowed on, baked by the sun, and hit by road debris as the vehicle moves. Choose window deflectors that are tough enough to withstand the elements and can ward off damage caused by UV rays. They should remain in place even after multiple car washes.

Other Considerations

  • Ease of Installation. Look for window visors that can be installed easily and quickly. They should also be long-lasting. Before installation, clean the deflectors and your car’s windows and leave them to dry. Then test-fit each of the pieces to find out which one goes where. Finally, install the deflectors.  
  • Deflector Shape. The shape of the rain guard determines which car it fits and the exact window it fits. The best side window deflectors have mounting seats that repeat the car windows’ curvature. Also check the deflector’s plane deviation angle because it can cause extra resistance as you drive, especially at high speeds. This may loosen the seal, and the deflector may get detached. 

Best Side Window Deflectors Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Grab two or four pieces of these vent visors to enhance your vehicle’s functionality. They are tinted and can fit a variety of vehicles. They are also strong and flexible and are designed to blend with your car’s contours. The deflectors minimize heat buildup in parked vehicles as you can open the windows slightly, especially if you aren’t going very far. They divert rain and wind and allow fresh air to circulate naturally.

Auto Ventshade gives a limited lifetime warranty for these rain guards, so you can be sure they are built to last. You can install them in minutes without drilling or using any special hardware. The manufacturer provides an installation guide that makes installation a breeze. These are in-channel vent visors and connect to the windows’ rubber seals using 3M pre-applied automotive tape. They can also be fitted directly to the window channels.

Made from reinforced acrylic, these window deflectors are precision-engineered to resist scratches and UV rays. They can also go through car washes without falling out.

However, you have to be careful when installing them as they may crack or break. They are also susceptible to scratches.

Auto Ventshade produces the best vent visors for all types of vehicles, from SUVs to trucks. All of the company’s window deflectors come with a limited lifetime warranty, so quality is guaranteed. These deflectors fit perfectly, last longer, and endure everyday use. They are thick, strong, and flexible. They also have a smoky color that does not fade with time.

The chrome-plated finish of these rain guards corresponds with the chrome trim on some vehicles. It increases the deflectors’ durability and also enhances your car’s appearance. The rain guards allow fresh air to circulate, eliminating stale air and keeping your car’s interior cool. They are easy to install because there is no drilling required. Like our top pick, these deflectors feature 3M pre-applied adhesive tape which allows you to install them easily.

The main drawback is that they leave a small space between them and the windows, which results in restricted airflow. Additionally, they make a whistling sound when you drive because of their proximity to the windows.

Ideal for Jeeps and other off-road vehicles, these window visors will fit your 4x4 perfectly. They are also ideal for 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma double cabs. They push in fresh air while deflecting rain and wind away from your car. Their minimalistic design allows them to add a dash of style to any vehicle.

These rain guards are made from 2mm-thick smoked acrylic and will serve you for many years. The material makes them scratch-resistant and also shatter-resistant. To reduce wind noise as you drive, the deflectors direct wind to the top of your vehicle. They change your car’s aerodynamics and keep out snow, rain, dirt, and sleet. They make for a comfortable, quieter ride. The five-year warranty that Rugged Ridge provides will make you confident about your purchase.

However, the shortcoming of these rain guards is they are specifically designed for Jeeps and off-road vehicles and don’t fit other cars. Also, they may get deformed if you use them in very hot conditions.

Like the old saying goes—you can’t judge a book by its cover—the same can be said with Auto Ventshade’s window deflector. Yes, the brand is on our list twice already, and there is a good reason for that; the company knows how to make a high-quality deflector. The 194109 model stands out with its red-lipped design and in-channel attachment.

The kit comes as a four-piece set that installs easily and firmly in the slots of the windows. Each window deflector is tinted and reinforced with acrylic that is UV- and scratch-resistant. Plus, they are all safe to be used in the car wash.

There have been complaints with the installation directions. The way it describes may lead to a bit of rain leaking through the window seal. You may want to follow directions of those who have installed it before in order to keep it leak-free. You may also run into issues with installing it on certain trucks like Dodge Ram models.

For Subaru and Impreza drivers, there are even window deflection kits built for you. These side visors not only protect rain from dripping into the car when the window is open, but they also look great once installed. The kit includes a visor for the five-door models built between the years 2013 and 2015.

Another great thing about these visors is they are simple to install and can be done by one person. While the directions are included, you may have better luck watching a YouTube video to ensure a tight and secure fit. The visors are big and wide, allowing you to open the windows further while it is raining without soaking your arm or your seats. The visors hold tightly and work great through car washes and heavy downpours.

However, the directions can be a bit difficult to follow. Once again, stick with a YouTube video or website guide to fit them. You should also be careful when attaching the clips, as they are plastic and aren’t the most durable.

Auto Ventshade returns with its four-piece matte black window deflector kit. It’s a higher-priced version of the company's normal in-channel set and it looks great. Once it’s installed, it will blend in with your vehicle’s look while making it stand out from the rest of the pack. It will look like your vehicle just rolled off the factory line but with a little bit of extra flair.

The sleek-looking matte black finished vent visor allows fresh air inside the vehicle but prevents rain from seeping through. It also works well at reducing wind noise and resistance which can also cut down on any fog that might steam up your windows or mirrors. It installs easily and quickly without any extra hardware or tools.

It is a little pricey due to its matte black finish. There have also been issues with automatic windows rolling back down once it comes into contact with the visor. It may be an issue with the sensor and may only happen occasionally.

Goodyear is a name brand known for vehicle equipment and accessories. Its window deflectors are another great standard for high-quality products. While these are only built for Ford trucks, the Suprecrew in-channel visors are robust, sturdy, and designed to blend in with the windows.

Everything you need to install the visors is included in the pack, making for an easy and fast installation (around 20 minutes). If installed correctly, the deflectors fit securely, tightly, and make your truck stand out from the rest. 

The one thing you will notice about the visors is their high price. You may be paying for the Goodyear and Ford name as well, but you are still getting a high-quality item. They do come with rather detailed instructions that need to be followed to the letter in order for the visors to work as designed.

WeatherTech is another name tied with preventing any type of weather from entering and ruining your vehicle. These WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors are built for Toyota model vehicles, specifically Tundras. In total, the kit comes with four window deflectors: two for the front doors and two for the rear doors.

The wind visors are designed with a transparent tint so you can see through them. However, you run into the fact that they are set at a much higher price than our other honorable mentions. This is because they are built by WeatherTech and feature high-quality plastics and designs. They are thick, sturdy, and built to withstand downpours and reduce road sound.

Aside from their price, the deflectors may also fit a bit loosely on Tundras. They may also make a whining sound when rolling up the windows. This may have to do with any dust or dirt that gets caught between the plastic.


  • When washing your vehicle, take care not to damage or accidentally uninstall the side-window deflector, especially if it’s installed with adhesive tape. Use gentle detergents that won’t weaken the tape, and do not scrub the vent visor. 
  • If the color on your side-window visor starts to fade, consider using a trim restorer to restore the dark color of the plastic. It will also enhance its protection capabilities against UV rays. 
  • Consider hiring a professional to install the rain deflectors. Installing the deflectors at the wrong angle could cause you more problems, including rainwater being channeled into your car and constant hissing and whistling from the deflectors. 


Q: Are side-window deflectors car wash safe?

A: It’s rare for a side-window deflector to come out during an automatic car wash, but it also depends on the quality of the product. If it’s made of tough acrylic material, then it can hold up to a car wash. You shouldn’t take them out every time you wash your car, since you might weaken the tape and deform the deflector. 

Q: Do side-window deflectors keep the window clean?

A: The deflector doesn’t protect the window from dust or dirt, but it prevents droplets of rain and snow from falling into your car. It will mostly protect the top part of your window, and that’s why you can roll down the windows to a certain degree when it's raining. The wider the deflector, the more protection it offers. 

Q: Are all side-window deflectors universal?

A: Unlike most car accessories, side-window deflectors are designed to fit specific car years, makes, and models. They are not made as universal fits, since cars come with different door shapes and sizes, and it’s hard to get one that fits all. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Auto Ventshade Side Window Deflector. It offers OEM-quality performance and keeps you effectively protected from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays as you drive. It also minimizes wind noise to promote a more relaxing ride. 

You could also choose the Auto Ventshade Chrome Side Window Deflector, which is a cheaper option.

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