Next Generation Porsche 911 GT3 Seen In The Streets

Instagram user 911garagepoland spotted this car testing in Stuttgart

byBradley Brownell|
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Just a few days ago this car, alleged to be the 991.2 generation version of the famed 911 GT3, was snapped parked on the street in Germany. The photograph sure is convincing, featuring the facelifted 991.2 tail lights. It's difficult to tell for sure from this angle, but the rear quarter panel flare seems a bit larger as well. The engine lid and rear wing appear to be the same as used on the outgoing GT3, but that could be changed before any official unveiling. 

The going rumor is that the new car will feature a 4-liter cribbed directly from the GT3 RS, and everyone seems to be screaming about a manual transmission, possibly the same 6-speed found in the 911R. If Porsche were to use these parts that are already in their bins, it would be a logical move forward to create an even faster GT3. Of course, @911garagepoland did not stop to take any more closeups of this car, or to see if the car featured a manual transmission, so we'll have to wait for it to officially break cover.  This begs the question, however, 'Where does Porsche go from here?' How do they create an even faster GT3 RS? An even bigger engine? The addition of Hybrid power? 

In the middle of last year, the first swirls of mystery around the 991.2 GT3 started to pop up as images of the car leaked into a coloring book produced by Porsche's Netherlands subsidiary. 

You can see from this coloring page, the front facia is certainly quite different, showing larger brake duct inlets, and the rear wing has twin scooped inlets. Moreover, the Porsche coloring page was coordinated with the app "Quiver", which allows you to show off a 3D version of your coloring. You hover your phone or tablet over the image and it creates a 3D rendering. Obviously, Porsche would have needed to have supplied the proper design for the front and rear of the car in order for them to show properly in 3D. 

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It's a spitting image. More of these renderings can be found at this link.

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