The Joy Of Vintage Porsche 356 Ownership

The sounds, smells, and sensations of a vintage Porsche can’t be replicated by anything else

byBradley Brownell|
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We have talked about this car before, back when the owner did their own review video. Now they've given the keys over to a third party reviewer, our friend Matt Farah, for his One Take series. This is the first time Matt has ever driven a 356, and we have to say that he got a great one for his first. The 356C, being a four-wheel disc brake car is probably the best of the model line. Furthermore, this particular car has had a few modifications to make it slightly more special. With a larger bore engine, and likely a corresponding power bump, though it's still not setting the world on fire with power. 

This little coupe looks absolutely the business with a recent black re-paint, some trim delete, and some black paint on the traditionally chrome steel wheels makes this 356 stand out in a crowd. This is an old-school 356 hot rod looking car with some nice color leather inside and some Heuer rally clocks on the dash. It takes a few cues from the 'outlaw' culture and some from the pure restoration folks and mixes them into a great looking car. Based on the video, it's a snap to drive, too.  

"The car, when you're following from behind, it looks like a little UFO on the road." If you think this car looks like a UFO now, just imagine what people thought of the car when the first Pre-A models were launched back in 1948. If you know what you're looking for, the 356C is actually a very different shape than those earlier 356s, but they all looked distinctly alien compared to the full sized tail-finned monster cars we had here in the US at the time. 

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