You Can Buy a Chevy Big-Block V8 Crate Engine From Walmart—With Free Returns

Can you double-bag that for me?

Walmart has everything, right? Well, maybe it’s trying a little too hard to make that true. The big box superstore is making an effort to bring the heat to Amazon, which has translated into online offerings including home furnishings, electronics, clothing, and, oh yeah, 9.4-liter V8 crate motors from Chevy. Free holiday returns until January 31st, too, in case your kid doesn’t like it.

To be clear, the 572-cubic-inch big-block, as well as the many other crate motors being sold on the retailer’s website, isn’t exactly being kept on a shelf at your local Walmart until you decide to add it to your cart. Similar to Amazon, many smaller retailers simply sell their goods on these sites, and it’s usually up to those vendors to fulfill the orders. So while it may look like Walmart is selling big block 598s, 396s, and 5.0-liter Coyotes from Ford, it’s not really Wally World itself.


All of this being said, there are truly a fantastic amount of crate engines and speed parts on the retailer’s website, whether or not you can actually go down to a Walmart to pick them up. Pretty much every flavor of Chevy small block crate engine; superchargers from Edelbrock; $500 “universal” turbo kits. You name it, and it’s probably on there. A lot of other, more pedestrian parts are listed as well, like wheel bearings, filters, spark plugs, and batteries. The list goes on.

The most expensive thing I could find was the BluePrint Engines 598CI BBC Stroker Crate Engine, which happens to come fully dressed and backed up with a 4L80E automatic transmission. It costs $25,595, but shipping is free, which is nice. You can also get a 5.0-liter Coyote in a similar fully-dressed state, even backed up with a modern 10-speed automatic for $25,434. I would personally go for BluePrint’s 427CI ProSeries Stroker, though. Just something about seven liters makes me happy, and boy do I have $25,099 burning a hole in my pocket.


As hinted by the name “crate motor”, these units aren’t exactly going to be pulled off the back of a UPS truck by a weary delivery driver. They will arrive in a big heavy wooden box, and all the complications that arise from having it show up at your home will be yours to sort out.

This story wouldn’t be complete without me sharing the cheapest crate motor the retailer is selling, though. In terms of fully-dressed long blocks with accessories, that would be BluePrint’s $6,369 “350 Cruiser” crate engine. It may not be anything super special, but hey: at least you can tell your friends you got it from Walmart.

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