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Give Back With The War Zone’s Stellar ‘Stealthier Thing’s’

It’s seriously the best deal you’ll see until the holiday season.
Stealthier Things The War Zone

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It’s only natural for car nerds to love planes. After all, hot rodding culture in America really kicked off when pilots and plane mechanics came home from WWII and applied what they’d learned about speed to their cars. Well, there’s that, and the fact that warplanes are flat-out bitchin’. And what’s higher on the fighter jet food chain than stealth bombers? Not a whole lot. 

The folks at Blip-Shift and The War Zone knew that when they whipped up this rad Stealthier-Things logo set. Yeah, it’s a nod to that show we’ve all come to love, too. Can it get any better? Yup, because when you buy a t-shirt, tank-top, hoodie, or whatever else they slapped this logo onto, a portion of the proceeds go to the Gary Sinise Foundation. That means looking cool as heck benefits veterans, first responders, and their families. You just have to hurry up and hop on it, because this deal is only sticking around for a limited time.