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MagnaFlow Announces Comprehensive Aftermarket Exhaust Catalog For the New 2024 Ford Mustang

Long live the uncorked OG pony car.
MagnaFlow Exhaust for the 2024 Ford Mustang
Excitement. MagnaFlow

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There are fewer more effective modifications available than an aftermarket exhaust system. Bolting up something more free-flowing than stock not only has power-bumping benefits but also usually improves the vehicle’s overall sound. Which is crucial to any enthusiast’s driving experience. Especially on anything that sports a naturally aspirated V8 under its hood.

And then, if that V8 is the latest-generation 5.0-liter Coyote motor in the latest S650-generation Ford Mustang GT, it’s a very welcome modification. It’s such an overall lovely powerplant. Well-renowned aftermarket exhaust company MagnaFlow recently unveiled its lineup for the new ‘Stang, and folks, we’re excited to have a listen.

MagnaFlow exhaust for the EcoBoost Ford Mustang

All Levels of Glorious Noise

The Oceanside, California-based flow performance firm has as many as four options for the Coyote-powered S650. The xMOD Series works with the optional factory active exhaust control. This loudens or quiets it down at the press of a button. Except, by offering more—more decibels and presumably more power (dyno numbers are not yet released). We imagine there could be a drop in weight over the factory system as well, as that’s usually the case with any quality aftermarket series of tubes.

From there, MagnaFlow offers two variants of its Competition Series cat-back line. Both feature black chrome finish quad tips, but one sports 3-inch piping and a 4-inch exit, and the other possesses 3.5-inch piping and a 4.5-inch exit. Then, it also offers its D-Fit Performance Exhaust Muffler Replacement Kit, which replaces the factory resonator with a 2.5-inch-diameter piece of mandrel bent tubing.

MagnaFlow Exhaust for the 2024 Ford Mustang

Let’s Not Forget About the EcoBoost

But don’t let the Coyote steal all the spotlight: MagnaFlow offers several options for four-banger Fords as well.

Post-catalytic converter, EcoBoost owners have several choices in the Competition Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System lineup, too. One has 2.5-inch piping, straight-through mufflers, and 4.5-inch black chrome dual tips. The other is meant to reduce interior drone and comprises 2.5-inch piping, two mufflers, and 4-inch black chrome quad tips.

The better that turbo can breathe, the more power it’ll put down, and it already has a great baritone growl from the factory, I can confidently affirm.

Go Forth And Crank the Volume

Pricing ranges between $599 for the D-Fit system, to $4,599 for the xMOD. That’s not inexpensive, but then, what quality and well-engineered modifications are in this day and age?

MagnaFlow already posted a few sound clips to its YouTube channel, check ’em out!