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The PowerTrax Grip Pro LSD I Just Bought for My ’69 Charger Is Deeply Discounted on Amazon

Now’s the opportunity to put those traction woes way behind you.
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Don’t shop after you buy. Right? Well. I’m here to break that rule in hopes of getting you onto a pretty sick upgrade I’m preparing to install on my own car. 

I recently bought a PowerTrax Grip Pro limited slip differential for my 1969 Dodge Charger project. After a long debate and tons of research, I decided that the helical gear-type LSD was a better fit for my application than the clutch-style pieces that are traditionally used in street cars. Right now, these LSD’s are on sale at Amazon, and you can save hundreds making the same upgrade to your machine.

PowerTrax Grip Pro Chrysler 8.75-Inch 30-Spline for $470.00

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It’s a perfectly viable option for street-driven cars like my Charger. Under normal conditions, you’ll feel no difference between the PowerTrax Grip Pro and a clutch-style LSD. The systems work much the same in that they’re designed to allow the wheels to spin at different rates while actively sending more power to the tire with the most traction. However, the Grip Pro is  throttle-sensitive helical gear setup, that gives you the means to manipulate traction with the gas pedal. It’s also built to be stronger than the clutch-style setup and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance or even a friction modifier. 

These killer chunks aren’t cheap, though. They usually cost almost twice as much as their clutched counterparts. The sale currently running on Amazon brings them down to comparable prices, making it a no-brainer if you’re looking to finally put those open diff woes behind you. Below is a list of discounted Grip Pro LSD’s for popular applications along with some lockers to help you in your quest for traction. 

Pro Tip: Check special notes on the manufacturer’s website before purchasing. My 8.75 differential requires non-adjustable axle bearings for the Grip Pro LSD. Your axle assembly may also require changes.

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