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Watch This Abandoned Buick Get Its First Car Wash in 15 Years

This '80s Buick Reatta was filled with mold, rodent nests, and sadness but nothing a proper cleaning couldn't fix.

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about watching an abandoned, disgusting car getting washed and detailed. Not only do you get the satisfaction of seeing immediate results but you also get to see the revival of car that was once considered worthless. The rejuvenation of this Buick Reatta by WD Detailing is especially enjoyable to watch, as it was extra disgusting, having previously sat in the woods for 15 years, collecting mold, grime, and rodent nests.

Only car nerds are going to be excited about watching an ’80s Buick Reatta get a car wash. Outside of car enthusiast circles, few people care about the Reatta, as it was just a quirky front-wheel drive coupe that wasn’t even popular back in its day. However, seeing the rare, surprisingly good looking little Buick come back to life will warm the hearts of many car nerds, myself included.

Admittedly, there were some issues with the Reatta’s paint and interior that were beyond repair. The paint was completely worn off in some areas and some parts of the interior carpets were permanently stained. However, there was a lot that could still be brought back to life, at least visually.

Obviously, it started with just a wash. Fifteen years of filth adds up and it’s remarkable to see the difference a simple power washing makes. Good cleaning chemicals and a soft brush helped remove some of the more stubborn dirt, before it was washed off.

Inside, the amount of mold and creature nests were enough to make anyone nauseous. Afterward, though, it looked nearly like a completely different car. The seats in particular looked fantastic after a good steaming and scrubbing. Enough that the interior actually looked inviting, rather than vomit-inducing.

After the Reatta was nice and clean, WD Detailing decided to … detail it. With a polisher and some compound, they buffed its black paint back to life. What started out as faded, almost gray paint became a deep, shiny black. Of course, there were still some areas in which the paint was missing completely, there’s just nothing you can do about that except to repaint it, but the paint that was still there was rejuvenated.

Every time I watch a video like this, I smile. Someone took the time to bring a worthless, forgotten car back to life and now it’s worth something. It can be sold, bought, and enjoyed, rather than rotting away in the woods. A car that previously didn’t exist on the road now can because of someone’s time and effort and that makes me happy.

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