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VW ID Buzz Van Will Be 10 Inches Longer in US Than in Europe

Even though the North American version is less than a foot longer than the European version, we're still miles away from its North American debut.
The VW ID Buzz short-wheelbase version. Aaron Cole

Volkswagen has been relatively quiet about the ID Buzz that’s coming to the States in two years, but one piece of the puzzle is clearer now. According to VW engineers, the van‘s long-wheelbase version will be 10.6 inches longer than the model going on sale soon in Europe, which officially measures 185.5 inches. Since we already knew that we’ll only be getting the bigger model, that means our ID Buzz will be 196.1 inches front to back.

We also know that our version of the ID Buzz will include three rows of seats, compared to the two-row model on sale elsewhere. A Volkswagen of America spokesperson declined to confirm the specifications for the ID Buzz that’s coming here but didn’t say the 10.6 inches of added length was inaccurate. 

At 196.1 inches, the upcoming VW ID Buzz will be roughly eight inches shorter than a Chrysler Pacifica minivan and seven inches shorter than a Kia Carnival. The interior room isn’t likely to be dramatically different from either of those vans given the ID Buzz’s comparatively short front and rear overhangs. 

Volkswagen confirmed that the North American-spec van would be revealed in 2023 and go on sale in 2024. Officials at VW have also said that two-row versions in North America would not be available—only three-row models will be sold. It’s unclear if the same wheelbase would apply to cargo vans on sale in North America. 

Early versions will be rear-wheel-drive only with a 201-hp motor attached to the rear axle, although the platform that the Buzz uses can accommodate an all-wheel-drive setup that will likely arrive later. In Europe, the ID Buzz uses a 77-kilowatt-hour battery that will manage roughly 260 miles, but that’s not yet been confirmed for North America. Either way, expect it to pack a modest amount of punch that’s more than the old aircooled ones could muster.

Adding 10 inches to the overall length isn’t likely to persuade anyone on the fence about the ID Buzz’s practicality, functionality, or personality, so why VW made North American buyers wait nearly two years is anyone’s guess. But now at least we can put our finger on the overall length of the van, or in this case: nearly a foot.