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Tiny V8 Can Hit 10,500 RPM and Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

This Toyan V8 model engine can rev to 10,500 rpm and is small enough to fit in the palm your hand.

The naturally aspirated, high-revving V8 is a thing of the past. The Corvette Z06 might be the last of the dying breed, with its LT6 V8 revving to 8,600 rpm. But if you still want a new high-revving V8, one that can even out-rev the Z06, you can always get this tiny one from model engine maker Toyan.

Toyan has been around since 2015, making incredibly small but fully functioning model engines that can be used to power model cars or just even to be toyed with and admired. In a recent video from Warped Perception, you get to see the Toyan FS-V800, a water-cooled, 3.5cc V8 that can rev to 10,500 rpm and it’s small enough to fit in your hand.

It’s a remarkably detailed, well-made engine that features dual carburetors, a mechanical water pump, and even small exhaust headers with little mufflers. Like an burly American V8, the Toyan FS-V800 uses a cross-plane crankshaft with a long stroke. Once given some fuel and hooked up to a radiator, the little Toyan engine fired to life without issue and revved freely. It sounds exactly like a miniature muscle car engine should but the ends of the mufflers were cut off at an angle in this video, to make it sound even angrier.

While revving at it’s absolute peak rpm, which it was able to do for several minutes, the crank speed was measured and it reached just over 10,500, which is higher than a Lexus LFA’s V10, for the record. During that high-revving run, it managed to burn through it’s entire mini tank of fuel, so it’s not the most efficient of engines, and it also started to get super hot. Toyan claims it can reach 12,500 rpm, and maybe with some tinkering it can, but it wasn’t able to in this video. Though, considering it’s small enough to fit in your coat pocket, let’s cut it some slack.

The tiny Toyan V8 is one of the most impressive model engines I’ve ever seen. Not only is it able to rev like a supercar but its mechanical water pump is capable of maintaining low enough temperatures to run at max rpm for several minutes straight without completely overheating. When you think about how small every part in that engine is, and the abuse they’re able to take, Toyan has done a remarkable job.

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