This Might Be The Updated Tesla Model 3 With Roadster Looks, New Gauge Cluster

Is this the real deal or a well-faked phony? You make the call.

byAaron Cole|
Tesla News photo


“Computer: Enhance.”

“Computer: Enhance again.”

If you’re like me, then you’re curious about what we’re looking at here, and according to Reddit poster ffairpg, it’s reportedly the updated Tesla Model 3 somewhere at some point. The poster told us they were not the photographer and said they wouldn’t tell us more, which: fair. 

Immediately apparent is the front nose, which is less upright and forgoes the strakes ahead of the front wheels for a more solid bumper. It looks similar to the Roadster, although it may be a better bet to see the Roadster’s nose first on the Model 3 than on the Roadster. The headlights drop lower on the fender and that’s before we’ve talked about the hubbub on the pic here. 

If we zoom in and enhance, enhance, enhance on the driver’s side we can see something that resembles an instrument cluster. Maybe. That would fly in the face of Tesla’s MO for the Model 3 of putting it all on the touchscreen. Of course, the Model S and Model X have instrument clusters—so did the original Roadster—so it’s not a wholesale departure for Tesla to put a screen in front of the driver’s face. It's just not on the current Model 3. 

There’s evidence to suggest it’s legit, too. Last year, Reuters reported that “Highland” (allegedly the internal codename for the revamped Model 3) would focus on people's requests, including the driver display. Other speculation includes matrix headlights, a reworked nerve farm to cut out radar sensors in favor of an all-camera operation called Tesla Vision. 

We can’t see any updates to the powertrain, interior, rear fascia, steering wheel, or Tesla robots inside. It’s unclear if we’re looking at a prototype or a good Photoshop job, and we’re left to guess where this photo was taken.

“Computer: Enhance everything about this photo and let us know, please?”

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