The New Tesla Roadster Prototype Is On Rare Public Display at the Petersen Museum

It’s parked right next to the original Roadster—y’know, for contrast.

byRob Stumpf|
The New Tesla Roadster Prototype Is On Rare Public Display at the Petersen Museum

If you're a Tesla fan, there's a new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum you might want to check out. A prototype of the next-generation Tesla Roadster will be available for your viewing pleasure at the museum for the next two weeks, marking one of the first staged public viewings since the car's 2018 reveal and its presentation at Tesla's last battery day in 2020.

The display of the upcoming Roadster follows Tesla's showing of the Cybertruck, which spent some time at a Manhattan showroom while CEO Elon Musk visited to host Saturday Night Live. And while they're two polar opposite vehicles, the pair represent a larger-than-life future for the all-electric automaker.

Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen will be showcasing the next-generation Tesla Roadster alongside its first-generation counterpart on the second floor of its facilitiy. The exhibit is meant to act as a juxtaposition to show how the company's engineering accomplishments have expanded since first introducing the Roadster back in 2008.

With a promised zero to 60 time of 1.9 seconds and a proposed top speed of 250 miles per hour, the Roadster represents the epitome of what a battery electric sports car can be, right along supercars like the Rimac C_Two and the Lotus Evija. It's undoubtedly a monumental step up from its predecessor that served as one of the critical building blocks during Tesla's infancy.

“The addition of the Tesla Roadster prototype is an astonishing reminder of how far Tesla has come as an electric vehicle powerhouse,” said Terry Karges, executive director of the Petersen Automotive Museum. “Guests will be able to see and compare the new Roadster to the original and experience the decade-long progression of the brand.”

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Musk says that the Roadster will likely enter production in 2022, two years after its promised launch, and have a drivable release candidate later this summer. The CEO has previously said on Twitter that the vehicle's new tri-motor powertrain and advanced battery work were precursors to a successful product, which could explain the delay. Whether or not it will hover is another story.

As always, the Petersen has a number of stunning displays that any auto enthusiast will love. This includes supercars, race cars, electric cars, and more. There's also a note of a rather interesting Pininfarina aesthetic presentation that looks to be worth a visit on its own.

The Roadster exhibit is on display beginning today and will be available until June 2. You can pre-purchase tickets in advance on Petersen's website and first responders are admitted no-cost entry with up to three additional family members.

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