Rare Honda Odyssey Pop Top With AWD Is the Perfect Camping Companion

Sleep under the stars in your rooftop tent, or cruise with seven in comfort. This van can do it all.

byLewin Day|
For Sale photo

If you've ever wanted a Honda Odyssey you can comfortably camp in, just such a vehicle has just become available at OttoEx Adventure Vehicles in Portland, Oregon.

The vehicle in question is a 1997 Honda Odyssey Field Deck. It's an incredibly rare model which comes complete with a pop-top camper tent. The Field Deck was sold only in Japan from 1996 to 1998. It comes with full-time all-wheel drive, a further option that wasn't available on US market Odysseys.

OttoEx's video on the vehicle provides a tour of the camping space. There's space for two adults to sleep, with three zip-up windows to provide plenty of ventilation. There's also a lovely sunroof that can be opened or closed, as well. According to the sales listing, the top can be erected and put away from inside the cabin. That's a particularly appealing feature when camping in inclement weather. After all, having to put a tent up in the rain can quickly spoil any camping trip.

The pop-top tent means that the van doesn't sacrifice interior space for camping duties. Thus, all three rows are still present, and the van seats seven. Like any good minivan, the Odyssey's seats can easily be stowed and reconfigured on the fly, whether you need more butts on seats or more room for your gear. The third-row itself can even be hidden in the floor for when you really need maximum cargo space.

This Odyssey is powered by Honda's F22 2.2-liter gas engine, which OttoEx reports is good for roughly 22-25 mpg. It's paired with an automatic transmission and the aforementioned all-wheel drive system that should help on slippery trails. There's front and rear heating and AC, too, for keeping everyone comfortable on long drives.

The van looks to be in good condition, and is said to have no significant body damage or rust. The van has just 40,000 miles on the clock, and has recently been serviced. OttoEx suspects it may be the only example ever offered for sale in North America, too.

If you desire this gorgeous time capsule of a minivan, it'll set you back $22,995. Given just how rare this vehicle is, and how practical and enjoyable that rooftop tent looks to be, that might just be a bargain.

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