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Watch Bisimoto’s Crazy 1,029-HP Honda Odyssey Minivan Burn Rubber

Yes, it's a Honda minivan with more power than a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Four-digit horsepower figures are usually reserved for Bugattis or drag-built Nissan GT-Rs, but no one gave Bisimoto the memo. Notorious for tuning really fast Porsches, company founder Bisi Ezerioha knows a thing or two about making power. So when he rolls into Hoonigan’s Donut Garage in a Honda Odyssey minivan, there’s obviously more than meets the eye.

Bisi opted to retain the factory Honda engine, but modified it with Arias 9.0:1 forged pistons, Bisimoto cams, R&R rods, Golden Eagle sleeves, fully ported heads, Supertech Valvetrain, 72mm Turbonetics 7265 kit with an RG45 wastegate, and an AEM Infinite engine control unit that allows for a flex fuel setup. On pump gas, Bisi’s Honda Odyssey makes 600 horsepower at 16 psi. On Ethanol running at full boost, the Odyssey puts down 1029 horsepower.

Despite all those upgrades underneath, the only way giveaway from the exterior is the giant intercooler mounted where the Honda grille should be. Inside the cabin, the automatic slushbox is replaced with the manual transmission from an Acura TL Type-S.

Bisi put his 1029 horsepower Odyssey up for sale sometime last year but apparently had a change of heart. Check out the full build specs of the Bisimoto Honda Odyssey on Mecum’s auction page if you’d like to learn more.

We’d like to see this big red van take on the quarter-mile, but for now we’ll settle for a nice long burnout. Watch the Hoonigan video below: