Bisimoto Shows Off GT2-Powered Classic 911 At PRI Show

Because who doesn’t need 600 horsepower in a 2500 pound car?

byBradley Brownell|
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Bisi Ezerioha is quite proud of the machines that his namesake company, BisiMoto, is capable of producing. For the longest time, his company was involved in the Honda tuning scene, creating big-power naturally aspirated and turbocharged Civics, one time even creating a 1000 horsepower turbocharged Honda Odyssey minivan. In recent years, however, they've taken a shining to the Porsche tuning scene, building massive power for customers, and garnering attention with wild SEMA builds. Similar to SEMA, the Performance & Racing Industry show is a convention for industry insiders, and while not as wild as the Vegas-based show, PRI does offer a more intimate look at the day-to-day operations of shops and companies, as well as an up-close look at some of the more intesesting products they offer. 

Bisi's newest showcase was displayed in the Quaife booth at PRI last week, and it took the form of a gorgeously sedate 1977 Porsche 911. This car, as it turns out, was actually built for Bisi's wife, so you can bet that some extra care was taken to ensure that the car was perfect! The Porsche features a watercooled Mezger 997 GT2 engine sat out back, mated to a Quaife sequential manual gearbox. While the "purists" will likely be upset by the fact that a vintage luftgekuhler has been swapped for wasser cooling, the car just looks so cool that you can't be mad for too long. Add to that the fact that the car now has far more power than anyone could ever make use of, and its packaged in a standard narrow-body, and they'll likely start to calm down a bit and start asking for a ride!

I know for sure that I want a go at the wheel, though I am forced to wonder just how scary it would be to drive. A 930 of the day had about half the power of this car, and much wider wheels and tires to at least try to keep everything under control. A narrowbody car with narrow wheels and tires plus some huge turbocharged horsepower will certainly make for a wild ride. Give me the keys, I'm ready to ride the bull. I either win, or die trying!

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