What’s the Next Car to Really Blow Up On Bring a Trailer?

*”Getting in on the ground floor” intensifies*

byChris Tsui|
For Sale photo

Like pretty much any other asset that can be bought and sold for a profit, collector car values are hard to predict. What's considered a pretty run-of-the-mill used car one year can become a highly sought-after classic just a handful of years later. Case in point: this 8,000-mile 1988 E30 BMW M3 that just sold for $250,000.

This gave us an idea for an audience question: What's the next collector car bubble? What used car is gonna be popping up on Bring a Trailer and exchanging hands for more than they're probably worth? 

Alright, we know the vintage BMW M car ship has already sailed; rare, performance Hondas are already enjoying a decent climb in values; and one could probably write books about the nuances of buying and selling overpriced, air-cooled Porsche 911s. So, what's next? The V8 Ford F-150 Raptor has shown signs of bubbling collectibility mostly due to the fact that its replacement switched over to a turbocharged V6. 

It's kind of a tough question and, given how fickle car collector tastes are, one that probably doesn't have many wrong answers. If we had to bet, though, we can see E92-era BMW M3s enjoying a balloon in values sometime over the next few years. Think about it. Its E30 and E46 predecessors have already become car-snob darlings. It was the only (and very likely, final) regular series production M3 to come with a V8. It's about to be succeeded by a car with some truly divisive styling. And, having briefly spent time behind the wheel of one, I can confirm that its appeal goes beyond nostalgia. It's a visceral driving experience that we think will be worth a pretty penny given a bit more age.


So what's your take? We'll be around to nod in approval or scorn you for attempting to drive up the market for your own car...unless it's cool.

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