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Porsche Dealer Marks Up 911 Sport Classic to $540,000

That's an added "market value" adjustment of $250,000, almost double the car's MSRP.

More pedestrian parts of the car market may be showing some signs of normalcy—the average new car sold today is, in fact, changing hands at under MSRP again—but evidently, limited edition Porsches are still subjected to hefty dealer markups. Just look at this 2023 911 Sport Classic window sticker posted to Twitter sporting a $250,000 marketplace adjustment, almost double what Porsche suggests the car is worth.

According to Porsche Redwood City, the special edition 911 is worth $538,910. Egregious as this may feel and indeed be, huge markups on the Sport Classic shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise considering it is, by a decent margin, the most expensive new car Porsche offers at the moment and the fact that it’s limited to 1,250 units. The Drive reached out to Porsche Redwood City to verify the price, and yes, it’s very real and very serious. Powered by a 3.7-liter twin-turbo flat-six making 543 horsepower, the 911 Sport Classic is manual-only and exclusively rear-driven. It’s the most powerful manual 911 available.

And something tells me this car’s status as the top-dollar, “Real Driver Special,” limited-run 911, and the extremely well-heeled nature of the kind of people it’s aimed at means somebody out there is probably willing to buy it at that price.


In that spirit, I feel like this is actually one of those cases of shameless dealer markup that I can get behind. Look, the 911 Sport Classic was no one’s idea of an affordable sports car anyway, and nobody shopping for a Porsche 911 that stickers at $290,000 needed help from an incentive.

And if shady dealers are going to line their pockets seemingly with reckless abandon, I’d rather them do it gouging hedge-fund goobers rather than new grads who just want to reward themselves with a new Honda Civic Type R.

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