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Trove of Classic Ferraris, Porsches Locked Away in Storage for 10 Years Headed to Sale

The collection includes a rare Ferrari 365 GT4 BB, as well as a 911 with an infamous past.
Oldtimerfarm BVBA | YouTube

For a decade, 22 vintage supercars sat in a secret warehouse in Brussels, covered under tarps, waiting for someone to show them some love. Then, Belgian classic car dealer Xavier Molenaar received a phone call from the owner of the collection. The owner wanted to sell his 16 Ferraris and six Porsches, many of which are even more special than their badges alone suggest. It must have felt like winning the lottery for Molenaar.

The owner of the collection remains anonymous, and his warehouse remains secret, but all 22 vehicles will be for sale and they won’t be cheap. The most special of the bunch is a two-tone yellow-and-black Ferrari 365 GT4 BB, which Molenaar told RTBF could sell for as much as $705,000.

However, there are other special cars, like a 1989 Ferrari Testarossa with a very rare color combination of Blue Sera paint and tan-and-blue interior. There’s also a Porsche 911 that’s said to have been used during a bank robbery in Italy, which makes for an amusing backstory. Watching the short video, we also spy a Ferrari 550 Maranello, 575M, and the ever-divisive F512 M, as well as several more 911s of various generations, all of which are in superb condition.

As we always say with these scenarios, it hurts to see such special cars under tarps, knowing they’ve been sitting for years. This owner is the sort we often complain about, keeping a collection of incredible machines that are never seen, let alone driven. Who can say why, but here’s hoping that their future keepers truly enjoy these exotics the way they were meant to be enjoyed—and show them off so the rest of us can admire them, too.

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